Latex Futa Nuns From Hell - Chapter 4 - The Fall Of St. Michael's

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Sunlight streamed through the open window of Francis' kitchen on a beautiful autumn day. The temperature was mild and a light breeze blew through the open window, carrying the scents of fresh fruit and warm oatmeal throughout the humble abode. Classic “big band” jazz music blared from a radio on the counter as Jessica and Francis sat at the kitchen table with a chess board in between them.

The pair were freshly showered after a long morning romp that had satisfied both their thirsts. Jessica had a white bathrobe wrapped around her curvy mocha body and a light blue towel adorned her drying hair. Francis sat in a plain, white t-shirt, a fresh pair of boxers and nothing else.

The self-satisfied Succubus fed herself fruit medley piece by piece as she watched him mull over his next move. It had been several years since she enjoyed a game of chess and Francis had a wonderful stonework set that looked like it had never been touched before.

“Do we need a game clock? You're taking way too long.”

“Give me a break! I haven't played since I was a boy.”

“You're very good at making excuses, I'll give you that. Why not be decisive and take your beating like a man? You already do in the bedroom.”

“Believe it or not, I still have a smidgen of pride.”

“Until I claim that as well.”

Francis chuckled. “You're cruel.”

“Mmmhmm... and you love it.”

Much had changed in the three weeks since the pair had visited “The Rubber Room.” Was this even still Francis' home? One could argue it was her house now. She was spending most nights there and making virtually all the decisions in the household.

The convent and church were coming under her control more rapidly than Jessica had envisioned. Victoria and Evelyn had taken their new circumstances surprisingly well after the initial shock wore off. Abigail had needed more time to process things and a bit more convincing, but she had fallen in line as well and was now a loyal devotee to their cause.

More than half the sisters have already been “gifted.” That was the term Jessica and her immediate circle had agreed upon for now. Mother Superior had gone into isolation since receiving her gift. She ate little and refused to speak with anyone most days.

As she waited for Francis to decide on a course of action, Jessica pulled a compact mirror from her handbag and opened it to have look at herself. She ensured her towel was still wrapped properly atop her head and then inspected her face. Her eyes lit up and her eyebrows raised as she noted improvements with glee.

The “first signs of aging” that she had seen only a month ago were gone now. The beginnings of wrinkles had completely disappeared. Her eyelashes looked longer and fuller. Her skin shone with health and vibrancy. She wasn't even using a regiment of creams.

Ever since Jessica had claimed her gift and dominated Francis she found that she looked a little better every day. Each time she drank his essence, or that of any male submissive, she could feel her body grow more youthful, attractive and strong. It was a powerful, rapturous sensation and she couldn't get enough of it.

“Alright” Francis muttered after downing a spoonful of oatmeal and setting his bowl to the side. He reached for his queen and slid her into an offensive position.

Jessica waited until he removed his hand from the piece before letting out a mocking laugh. She reached for one of her knights, zig zagged it sideways and took away his most powerful weapon.

“Wait... no!”

“Haha, too late!”

“Whatever! I got yours first.”

Jessica smirked. She had sacrificed her queen earlier in a gambit that had taken three of his pieces. Francis was still completely oblivious to how hopeless his situation was.

It was an odd relationship they'd formed. A nun and a priest, now Mistress and slave. The longer they were together, the more Jessica liked it. From what she could tell, he loved it as well. Was it just her Succubus cum making him ever more addicted and submissive to her? It was definitely a factor, but she was confident that wasn't the totality of their relationship.

Francis seemed at ease for the first time since she'd met him. Ironically, in sexual slavery he was finally free to be who he really was. He was no longer spending every hour of his day worrying about his parishioners, his church, the diocese and what other people thought of him. Jessica had taken control of his life and put him through the most aggressive stress relief program imaginable.

No longer did he need to sneak away to some seedy club or far flung location to find some companionship. No more did he have to hide who he was at all hours of the day. The shame that had been ingrained in him by the church was beginning to fade away. Jessica was fucking it out of him on the daily.

Francis sighed and crossed his arms over his chest. He thought for a few moments before taking hold of his remaining rook and moving it forward slightly to take a defensive position in front of his king. He released the piece and then motioned that it was her turn.

“And that's not all!” Jessica announced cheerfully as she seized her furthest pawn and advanced it to Francis' end of the board. “I'll be taking my queen back now, thank you.”




“If you advance a pawn all the way to the end of the board, it is substituted for the fallen piece of your choice.”

“Dammit! I forgot all about that! If I had known, I wouldn't have sacrificed so many pawns!”

Francis groaned and handed the piece back to her grudgingly. Jessica's grin grew toothy as she placed it back on the board.

“The white queen dies. The black queen lives again” she said triumphantly.

Francis returned her smile, but after a few moments it began to fade and he looked downcast. Jessica slipped into solemnity once she realized the impact of her words.

“You're going to talk to her, right?”

“Yes. I will try... for all the good it will d

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Notes As Jessica's lustful faction grows, the old order clashes with the new.
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