Bayonetta's Abuse - Chapter 03 - Cereza's Curious Kink

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The green foliage sped by as Bayonetta pressed down firmly on the accelerator of her Noble M12 GTO. It was a warm spring day and James, sitting in the passenger seat beside her, was basking in the sun and fresh air. It was the first time he’d been outside of Bayonetta’s lair since he fell into her clutches and he was overjoyed to be out and stretching his legs.

He was even more thankful that he was not wearing the latex bondage suit that had become his second skin as Bayonetta’s plaything. For two months now he had been bound in the sinister full body prison and constantly bathed in her cum as he sucked her off and took her massive cock up his ass more regularly than he would have thought humanly possible.

He was a slave; a sex slave. There was no other way to put it accurately. She had not tortured him or left any permanent scars or marks on his body to date, but the fact remained that he was a prisoner in her elaborate dungeon of a guest flat, and she demanded his sexual services roughly and frequently.

As the yellow sports car flew down the gravel country road, James thought about what an odd relationship he’d developed with the mysterious woman since becoming her personal slut. As the weeks had gone by, Bayonetta had become somewhat friendlier and warmer with him. Perhaps it was genuine affection or maybe it was simply because he performed his sexual duties well. Either way, he was getting perks now, and he was glad to have them.

She had bought him a Playstation 3 and a stack of games to keep him entertained when she wasn’t there. He remained chained to her queen size waterbed at all times when she was absent, but she had installed a longer chain on his collar. Most of the apartment was still off limits to him, but now he could access not only the bathroom, but the entertainment center.

For the first month he had been allowed no sustenance except that which came from her thick, pulsating phallus. Eating nothing but her cum had caused him to lose weight quickly, and after his first month of captivity Bayonetta had begun providing him solid food, if only occasionally and always followed up the next day by a full enema. She insisted that his ass remain clean as a whistle at all times, as it was the personal sheath to her magnificent sword.

The perks were nice, and in recent weeks when she wasn’t fucking him they often chatted as if they were a normal couple. When she wanted sex, however, Bayonetta was all business, and there was no acceptable response to any of her queries or commands but “Yes Mistress.” Anything else resulted in a whipping or a beating with one of her endless supply of sex toys.

The night before, James had the opportunity to enjoy one of those rare solid meals. Bayonetta had a wonderful steak dinner catered, and when she had eaten her fill she gave the leftovers to her pet. Earlier today, he had been hustled into the bathroom and finally released from his tight, cum slick bondage for the first time in a week. She gave him his enema, ordered him to shave his body, and allowed him to take a wonderful hot shower.

Now, as they traveled deeper into the countryside, he found himself in a simple t-shirt and shorts, under which he was wearing a pair of Bayonetta’s black silk panties. She didn’t have any men’s underwear on hand and she insisted that he looked better in panties anyway. The only other articles that adorned his body were his sneakers and the new collar that she had produced for just this occasion. It was purple leather and simply read “SLUT” on the front in bold white lettering. It fit snugly around his neck and had a long, thick leather leash attached to it.

Bayonetta was also dressed somewhat more simply than usual. She was wearing black track pants with white stripes and a white tank top with no bra. The shirt could barely contain her enormous breasts. Her black latex arm gloves ended halfway up her upper arms and her track pants concealed most of her thigh high latex leggings. The combination of fetish wear and casual wear was pretty odd, but it was a good bet she wasn’t planning to keep the casual wear on.

“Did you enjoy that steak last night babe?”

“Yes mistress, it was delicious” he answered, genuinely grateful.

“Well you’re going to earn it today, that’s for sure.”

James couldn’t help noticing that her cock was jutting into the left thigh of her track pants, half erect and straining to be free against the mesh fabric. She was excited about something, but he had no idea what that was exactly.

”Where are we going again?” he asked, breaking the silence once more.

Bayonetta pulled the lollipop she’d been sucking from her mouth. “I told you yesterday, if the weather was right, today we were going to fulfill one of my all time sexual fantasies. Well, the weather is perfect and here we are!” She placed the lollipop back in her mouth and adjusted the wheel for an upcoming turn.

“Out in the middle of nowhere?” he asked skeptically.

She glanced over at him with raised eyebrows and smiled. “You’ll see.”

Returning her eyes to the road, Bayonetta could feel her cock growing stiffer and longer against the silky confines of her pants. She pressed the gas even harder. She was already going seventy miles an hour, but she didn’t care. She wanted to be there, NOW.

Ten minutes later Bayonetta spotted their destination and pulled into a small alcove by the side of the road. It looked like a spot for hikers to park for the day while they explored the area. There was a large brown sign painted with yellow letters that announced the entrance to a hiking trail and explained the rules and regulations for the nature preserve.

Bayonetta locked the car and grabbed his leash. “Let’s go!” She headed for the trail, pulling him behind her as fast as she could get him to follow.

For the next fifteen minutes they followed the trail as Bayonetta marched along at a brisk pace, tugging James’ leash the entire way. She was wearing n

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Notes Bayonetta has a rather unusual fetish and her slave is going to learn all about it whether he wants to or not.
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